161/9 (20.0 ov)SL
NZ 165/6 (19.4 ov)
CRR: 8.38 | New Zealand beat Sri Lanka by 4 wickets

NZ beat SL by 4 wickets | Sri Lanka vs New Zealand, Highlights And Cricket Score 2nd T20I Match

New Zealand in Sri Lanka, 3 T20I Series, 2019

Date: Sep 03, 2019 Start Time: 19:00 IST | 13:30 GMT | 19:00 Local
Venue: Pallekele International Cricket Stadium, Kandy

Sri Lanka vs New Zealand Highlights And Cricket Score 2nd Match - T20I Summary

End of Over : 19.4 NZ: 165/6

So that is it from this game! The Kiwis have won the series with a game to go but Sri Lanka still have pride to play for in the third T20I. It is to be played on 6th September at 1900 local (1330 GMT). Till then, take care and goodbye!

TIM SOUTHEE, THE KIWI SKIPPER, IS THE MAN OF THE MATCH! On being asked about the games so far, he says there have been a couple of great games. Further adds that it was a little bit tight in the end and he was worried about the two guys that went down during the fielding effort on the second last ball of the match. He is pleased that Tom Bruce stood up in the absence of Ross Taylor that too after a huge gap. On Tom Bruce's injury, informs that the medical team will perform a check on Tom Bruce and see if he is fit for the next match. Ends by saying that they will have a good night's sleep after the series win and maybe enjoy a bit now.

Sri Lanka skipper, Lasith Malinga says that they tried their best and got to a decent score but they had a few mistakes here and there and hence they came out on the losing side. Though Malinga says he is happy with the fight they have shown and wants the side to go down fighting. Thanks the crowd for coming out and supporting them. Informs they have one more match to be played to show case their talent and skills. On the performance of the youngsters, Malinga says they have been good and have played with freedom and expressed themselves. On being asked if the bench strength will be checked in the last game, Malinga says they are looking to give chance to the youngsters. On the two injured players, Lasith informs that they are doing well now.

Colin de Grandhomme says that he was looking to do his job for his side and continue his good form from Tests. On whether he was disappointed not bowl today, Colin smiles and says that the margin of error for a bowler in T20s is tough and hence he is not unhappy not to bowl. Credits the Indian T20 League for helping him play spin better. Tells that they were nervous in the final moments but knew they were just a hit away.

The Lankan bowlers, except for Akila Dananjaya did not start off nicely. He did take a beating but also took three wickets. The rest failed to pick wickets in the middle. Lakshan Sandakan was tackled cleverly by the Kiwi batters. A lot was expected by Hasaranga but he was not at his best. It seemed like the Kiwis would get home easily but Sri Lanka fought back well to take it till the last over. They might have also got a few Kiwi players nervous but could not level the series. For now, Colin de Grandhomme is seen giving an interview.

One partnership is what you need in a T20 game and New Zealand got it as Colin de Grandhomme and Tom Bruce smashed a 100-plus stand. Before that, the Kiwi openers came out all guns blazing. They knew they had to make full use of the Powerplay and did exactly that. They did lose their top three but almost went at 10 per over. Then, Colin and Bruce stroked it around the corner and steadied the ship. Once the two got their eye in they accelerated. Hasaranga's over was the game changing one where he went for 16 in the 12th over and then the run-flow did not stop. However, it did seem like New Zealand would throw the good work away, it could have happened had Santner's catch been taken but that was not the case and the Kiwis are deserved winners in the end.

Drama, too much drama in the end but it is New Zealand who come out on top and take the series. An excellent effort from them once again. Beating Sri Lanka in Sri Lanka is a tough task but then doing it with no Williamson, Taylor and Guptill who did not bat tonight is a big achievement. Pin-drop silence at the moment here in the stadium and understandably as it is their team's 7th consecutive loss in T20Is and Southee's unbeaten record as New Zealand's T20I captain stays in-tact.

19.4 4

Wanindu Hasaranga to Mitchell Santner. FOUR! Santner finishes this off in style. Floated around off, Santner drags it towards cow corner in no man's land for a boundary. NEW ZEALAND WIN BY 4 WICKETS AND WIN THE SERIES 2-0 WITH A GAME TO GO!

19.3 6

Wanindu Hasaranga to Mitchell Santner. SIX! Brilliant piece of work but a collision has seen the fielder touch the rope. This is nail-biting stuff. Flighted outside off, Santner gets down on one knee and goes for a big slog sweep. He gets to the left of long on and right of mid-wicket. Both the fielders come steaming in. The man at long on, Shehan Jayasuriya takes the catch but the fielder from mid-wicket is too fast and he cannot stop himself. In a rugby style tackle the man from mid-wicket, Kusal Mendis takes down his own partner. Both the fielders are down in pain. Jayasuriya tries to throw the ball away but replays find him to be late. Jayasuriya hobbles to the pavillion but Mendis is not moving worrying sign this. The umpires initially signalls a boundary but after a few moment he signals it as six. So just one needed now.

19.2 W

Wanindu Hasaranga to Daryl Mitchell. OUT! Stay where you are because Wanindu is pulling off a stunner here. Floated on off and middle, Mitchell looks to clear the man at long on against the spin. He does not time it well and it goes to the right of the man at long on. Substitute, Lahiru Madhushanka swiftly moves across to his right and makes no mistake. He takes a very good catch.

19.1 W

Wanindu Hasaranga to Daryl Mitchell. OUT! WHAT A START! Wanindu has not just started with a dot, he has got rid of the well set Bruce with some smart, athletic efforts. Shorter around off, Mitchell looks to hit it straight but it comes off the inner half of his bat and goes to the left of Wanindu. He gathers the ball and scores a direct hit at the bowler's end where Bruce was way out of his crease. Hasaranga scores a direct hit. The umpire takes it upstairs and replay shows that Tom's dive is not enough to save him.

End of Over : 19 10 Runs 19.4: 155/4
18.6 1

Isuru Udana to Daryl Mitchell. Full outside off, Mitchell slams it hard but to the man at long off for a single. 7 needed off last over.

18.5 1

Isuru Udana to Tom Bruce. Good length ball around off, Bruce flat bats it towards long off on a bounce for a single.

18.4 2

Isuru Udana to Tom Bruce. Excellent running but also poor fielding. Fuller outside off, Bruce squeezes it towards long off. The fielder is too deep in the ropes and they call for two. The fielder fumbles allowing them to get the second with ease. Udana is not happy. Bruce seems to have hurt himself as he slipped while turning for the second. 9 needed off 8 now.

18.3 4

Isuru Udana to Tom Bruce. FOUR! BOOM! Bruce gets to his fifty in style. Back of a hand slower ball around off. Tom gets across and paddles it over backward square leg. The fielder could not even move and the ball races away to the fence. Subdued celebrations from Bruce as he knows the job is not complete yet.

18.2 W

Isuru Udana to Colin de Grandhomme. OUT! De Grandhomme holes out! Is this the game-changing wicket? Fuller outside off, Udana takes the pace off this one. De Grandhomme goes for the big one over covers. He does not time it well as the ball comes slower to him. Colin then ends up chipping it straight to the man at deep extra cover. Avishka Fernando in the deep makes no mistake and the crowd is back on its feet, having found their voice back. End of a fantastic knock, he though will be gutted not to see his side home. 15 needed off 10 balls.

18.1 2

Isuru Udana to Colin de Grandhomme. Very full outside off, de Grandhomme plays it really well. Does not power it but just guides it wide of deep backward point for a couple. This has been a fantastic knock from the big man.

End of Over : 18 9 Runs 19.4: 145/3
17.6 2

Lasith Malinga to Tom Bruce. A couple to end! Very full and outside off, Bruce swings but it goes off the inner half through square leg for two. 9 from the over. 17 needed in 2. This is going down to the wire.

17.5 1

Lasith Malinga to Colin de Grandhomme. Just the single again! On the pads, Colin looks to flick but misses. It hits the pads and rolls towards fine leg. A leg bye taken.

17.4 1

Lasith Malinga to Tom Bruce. One more single! A low full toss on middle, it is worked through mid-wicket for one.

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New Zealand in Sri Lanka 3 T20I Series 2019 - News

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