2018 FIFA World Cup Fever: Beer Supply in Moscow is Going Low Within a Week of Football Matches
Beer supply in Moscow is lowering due to FIFA World Cup (Photo credits: Pixabay)

The FIFA 2018 fever has gripped and how and hosting an event of such a great scale is not an easy job. Russia which is hosting matches of the Football world cup is already facing a problem of less beer to cater to the patrons. People who come to watch the games, head to bars to guzzle a few bottles in celebration or just witnessing the matches. Now the capital city will have to wait longer than usual to get fresh stock.

The streets of Moscow see fans swinging, enjoying with song and dance, with bars going packed at all times around the Kremlin and Red Square. The hotels did not consider that beer may be the most prefered drink of the die-hard fans. One of the waiters at an upscale eatery was quoted, "We just didn't think they would only want beer." He was infact scared that future customers would turn away knowing the state of shortage.

The deliveries of fresh stock are making more than a day, plus the weather in the country makes beer the most guzzled drink. As the waiter put it, "It's hot, and it's football." The growing demand of beer was actually not so expected since the sales had been too low due to the rise in duties. There were also tightened sales on advertising, which made the beer demand go rather low. The problem will, however, solve in a way as it started as well. The crowds will start thinning as their teams get eliminated eventually and they too head back. The overall situation may not be that tight but as of now, some restaurants are feeling the sting of not much beer left to serve.