Google 20th Birthday: Google Chrome Celebrates 10th Year, Feeds Its Offline 8-Bit Dino Game With Birthday Cake
Google Chrome Celebrating 10 Year

Google is celebrating its 20th birthday today, and it has a surprise for you! Still no clue? Well, the search engine giant in a way to share the moment of joy with its billion users all around the world has updated its 8-bit Dino game. The game which many of us have already played, when your browser goes offline. With the new update, the tiny T-Rex that runs and jumps of over cactus and Pterodactyls now gets birthday hat and cake. Google Completes 20 Years of Existence: Journey of Logos From 1998–2018 to Celebrate the Birthday of Search Giant.

Currently, the update is only seen in the Google Chrome app. The game starts off with the T-Rex running a few distances, during which a birthday day comes along the way. After the dinosaur consumes the cake, it receives a blue colour birthday hat with two pink antennas. The birthday update also comes with a new background which features balloons. This birthday edition of the egg will be present for the entire month of September. Google Announces New Artificial Intelligence Technology to Fight Online Child Sexual Abuse.

Last month, Google had organised an event called Google for India, where they revealed their prospects and programs for India. The event’s main highlight was to bring the country to its optimal point in the digital frontier. Google for India, introduced Project Navlekha, customised Google Assistant for Indians, updated Google Maps and Google stations in remote regions.