Instagram Taken Off From Apple Watch: Latest Update on Apple iOS Will Make Photo Sharing App Defunct
Representational Image | Apple Watch (Photo Credits: Unsplash)

It comes as a sad news for Apple users, as you will no longer able to use Instagram on your Apple Watch. Yes, the Instagram app is off Apple Watch!

As per a Mashable report, if a user updates his or her Instagram iPhone app to version 39.0, it will remove the application from the Apple watch.

From April 1, all the apps for Apple Watch will have to be native and built with watchOS 2 SDK or later; the following is for updates, whereas new updates should be built with watchOS 4 SDK. It should also be noted that updates to old watchOS 1 apps are no longer accepted.

It is unconfirmed at the moment that whether the disappearance is permanent or not; however, the news is not surprising. Last year, even popular apps like eBay, Google Maps, and Amazon had dropped their support for Apple Watch.

However, Apple Watch users should not lose all hope. There are still speculations going around that Apple is planning and working on a bigger and better Watch. The new wearable device would have a larger screen, which would obviously suit photo feed.