WhatsApp Chats of Some Users are Getting Deleted Due to a Bug, Messaging Company Promises to Fix it Soon
Representational image of messaging application WhatsApp | (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Messaging application WhatsApp has promised its users a bug fix after some complained about losing their old chats. WhatsApp is the most commonly used application by smartphone users for messaging and the application keeps constantly working on updates to enhance user experience. But there seems to be some bug in the app, which is automatically deleting the old messages of some users. The company is aware of the issue has promised a quick fix. WhatsApp Will Now Delete Your Chats if Not Saved on Google Drive, Users Need to Back Up Data Manually - Check Steps How to Save Your Messages.

"We are aware of this bug and are working on a fix for the users who have encountered this issue," a WhatsApp spokesperson was quoted in a statement. Several users complained last week about their messages disappearing mysteriously and people were unable to retrieve their chats despite trying. When a few people complained and checked online, they realised that few others are facing the same issue. WhatsApp Bug Allow Hackers to Modify & Send Fake Messages to Others By Your Name.

Check WhatsApp's Tweet Regarding the Latest Bug

The reason speculated for this was, messages were deleted due to the company's decision to delete the chat archives of users who haven't backed up their data for more than a year. A user will have to manually save their messages to prevent the chats from getting deleted. While the company is working on developing new features, the bug concerns are also on a rise. Reportedly, in the latest update that will be rolled out soon, WhatsApp will introduce a dark mode and fingerprint authentication to secure the chats better.