Bigg Boss 14 Episode 56 Sneak Peek 01 | Dec 18 2020: Rahul, Eijaz Almost Get in a Physical Fight


Bigg Boss 14 Episode 56 Sneak Peek 01 | Dec 18 2020: Right After Rahul Vaidya re-entered Bigg Boss house, his new target turned out to be one of the strongest contestants in the reality show this season Eijaz Khan. Even in the last episode, we saw Rahul and Eijaz' fight through words but in today's promo, we see the two getting physical and literally pushing each other. It all started with Rahul telling Manu Punjabi that Eijaz will only understand your words, that is his habit. To this Eijaz replies, 'Chal na, chodh na Rahul.' To which, Rahul says, 'Chup re.' Eijaz asks him to speak respectfully by saying 'Seedha baat kar na' and then the two get in an ugly spat once again this time pushing each other in anger.

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