Bigg Boss 14 Somvar Ka Vaar Sneak Peek 02 | Jan 8 2020: Arshi, Rubina Fight at Sultani Akhada


Bigg Boss 14 Somvar Ka Vaar Sneak Peek 02 | Jan 8 2020: Bigg Boss 14's biggest rivals Arshi Khan and Rubina Dilaik to go one on one in a Fight at Sultani Akhada announced by host Salman Khan. Both accept the challenge with a smile as Salman quickly explains them the show's format. The first round is a verbal fight where both have to explain why they are better than the other to be the house giving their reason in the first place. The next segment is interesting as Rubina and Arshi have to showcase their strength by pushing each other out of the circle just like some wrestling match.

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