Authorities in China’s northern Inner Mongolia are on high alert after a suspected case of Bubonic plague was confirmed on July 4. This disease caused the ‘Black Death’ pandemic years ago. The case was discovered in the city of Bayannur, located northwest of Beijing, according to state-run Xinhua news agency. A hospital alerted municipal authorities of the patient's case on July 4. By July 5, local authorities had issued a citywide Level 3 warning for plague prevention, the second-lowest in a four-level system. The commission has forbidden the hunting & eating animals that could carry plague, particularly marmots (large and heavy rodents that resemble squirrels), until the end of the year. It has urged people to report any dead or diseased rodents. Though the highly-contagious plague is rare in China and can be treated, at least five people have died from it since 2014, according to China's National Health Commission. Watch the video to know about the symptoms, how fatal it is, is bubonic plague and black death the same? and more.