Stars Wars Day: 11 Memorable Quotes from Original Trilogy

Festivals & Events Team Latestly|

Stars Wars Day: It is strange that May 4 is celebrated as Star Wars Day when it has nothing to do with the films. None of the Star Wars movies has been released on this date, as they usually seek for a year-end release. The first Star Wars film, A New Hope, did release during May, but it came out on May 25. The celebration of May 4 as Star Wars Day was started first by the fans, that was later picked up by Walt Disney Company, the producers of Star Wars movies. And if people tell you 'May The Fourth Be With You!' on this date, don't be surprised! So who are we to not join in the Star Wars spirit on May 4? So here's us compiling the best of quotes from the Star Wars original trilogy (A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi) that if you are an SW nerd, you should quote by heart!

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