Beirut, August 10: Amid massive angst against the Hassan Diab-led government over the fatal blast in Beirut, four top members of his regime have resigned so far. The latest to step down was Ghazi Wazni, the Finance Minister of Lebanon, who submitted his resignation on Monday. Earlier, three of his ministerial colleagues had decided to quit amid mounting public pressure. Beirut Blast Death Toll Reaches 200, About 7,000 Injured.

Ahead of Wazni, Lebanon's Justice Minister Marie Claude Najm announced his resignation today. A day earlier, Information Minister Manal Abdel Samad and Environment Minister Damianos Kattar stepped down from their posts in a bid to placate the public anger over the explosion that has devastated the Lebanese capital.

Lebanon Finance Minister Resigns: AFP

Death toll due to the unprecedented explosion climbed to 200, as per the latest update issued by the government. Over 7,000 are reportedly injured, with the condition of several among them being reported as critical.

Protests erupted across Beirut since Sunday, with activists across the country joining hands to demand the ouster of the incumbent government. The demonstrators have pinned the blame on government for the explosion, questioning them over the lack of safety measures adopted in the Port area.

The explosion which erupted on August 4 was triggered with the combustion of around 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate stored in the Beirut Port's warehouse. The protesters demanded Prime Minister Diabb to accept accountability and step down as his government failed to ensure safety measures while storing the massive amount of explosives.

French President Emmanuel Macron organised a video-conference with world leaders to raise funds for Beirut. The video-meet succeeded in raising $300 million as immediate aide for the nation. The Lebanon government has estimated a total loss of around $15 billion. US President Donald Trump said his administration would provide a significant aid to Beirut, but did not specify the exact amount.

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