Sudan: Protests Erupt Against Rising Bread & Fuel Prices, 19 Killed, Journalists go on Strike
Sudan: Protest against soaring fuel and bread prices (Image credit: Twitter - Thomas van Linge)

Khartoum, December 28: The Sudan government on Thursday confirmed deaths of 19 people, including two security personnel, during protests against rising prices of bread and fuel. Over 200 people were also injured in clashes that erupted between Sudanese anti-riot police and protesters. A group of journalists also went on a three-day strike in support of demonstrations.

"The total number of the people who died is 19, two of them belong to the regular forces," government spokesman Boshara Juma said on state television. Aro further informed that around 187 members of the armed forces were also injured during the protests. Authorities had previously said that eight people have been killed in protests that began on December 19. Jamal Khashoggi Murder Fallout: King Salman Orders Saudi Cabinet Rejig Amid Global Flak, Demotes Foreign Minister.

A network of Sudanese journalists started a strike in the wake of deadly protests sparked by an increase in bread and fuel prices. "We declare a three-day strike from December 27 to protest against the violence unleashed by the government against demonstrators," Al Jazeera quoted Sudanese Journalists' Network as saying. Doctors have already been on a strike since Monday.

The previous week, Al Jazeera reported that a curfew was imposed in the national capital after demonstrators reportedly burnt the headquarters of the National Congress Party (NCP) of Sudan and called for President Omar al-Bashir's ouster.

The Sudanese government had increased the price of bread from one ($0.02) to three Sudanese pounds ($0.063). Moreover, prices of fuel were reportedly doubled, which led to widespread agitation all over the North African country. (With agency inputs)