New Delhi [India], July 7 (ANI/PNN): Techmagnate, an award-winning digital marketing agency based in New Delhi, has released the Fourth Edition of its Digital Report Card.

The report highlights an astounding 103 per cent average increase in traffic and a 186% average increase in leads across all its customers in FY 2021.

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The digital report is a self-evaluation by the digital agency of its achievements by openly and transparently sharing the actual results it has delivered on its client campaigns.

Commenting on the release of the Report Card, Sarvesh Bagla, Founder & CEO of Techmagnate, said, "Analyzing our performance has helped us deliver high growth across our clientele, year after year. And our clients continue to place their trust in us as their partners in digital marketing."

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This unique approach has helped Techmagnate become a trusted partner to top brands in BFSI, Healthcare, Education, E-commerce, Home Improvement, Gaming & other sectors.

According to the report, the digital agency has delivered:

103 per cent average increase in traffic and 186 per cent average increase in leads via SEO Services

29 per cent avg. increase in conversions & a 12 per cent reduction in cost per conversion via paid media

175 per cent average increase in app downloads via App Store Optimisation (ASO) Services

37 per cent average increase in video views through its Video SEO Services across its clientele

Bagla added, "We believe taking a closer look at our performance is important not just for our clients but also for our colleagues. It gives us all a sense of achievement. As a team, we are proud to have delivered transformational growth to 60+ clients in 2021. "

The digital agency also announced its Vision 2025 campaign, wherein it plans to deliver transformational growth to 250 clients by 2025.

"We intend to continue publishing these reports and providing exceptional online growth to new and existing clients as we look to fulfil Vision 2025," said Bagla.

To view the report in detail, visit this link:

Techmagnate is a leading SEO Services & Digital Marketing Company based in New Delhi. Its award-winning services include SEO & Content Marketing, Paid Media Advertising, Social Media Management, App Marketing, Video SEO & YouTube Marketing, Online Reputation Management & Website Design & Development.

Over the years, Techmagnate's 360-degree approach to digital marketing has allowed clients across the globe to meet and exceed their growth targets. The agency has delivered fantastic results for top brands across industries like BFSI, Healthcare, Education, Automobile, Entertainment, Consumer Durables, eCommerce, and Home and Building.

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