New Delhi, July 13: Delhi Police arrested 26 people, including five women, at a call centre for allegedly impersonating Amazon customer service providers and duping US citizens.

Delhi Police has also seized 29 computes, two internet switches 2 modems and other accessories.

Police were acting on a tip-off that an illegal call centre was being run in Sultanpur, Mandi Road, Delhi in the PS FPB area. Gurugram: 3 Arrested from Fake Call Centre for Duping US Citizens.

"Mobile phones were recovered from the possession accused persons, which contained various US mobiles numbers in a Whatsapp group," police added.

On average, they used to cheat over six US citizens in a day. So far they have cheated overs Rsa 4 crores this fake call center has been running for the last seven months, the police added.

Further investigation is in progress.

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