New Delhi, May 11: On the occasion of National Technology Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi lauded Indian scientists and also remembered the 1998 Pokhran Tests, which "demonstrated India's scientific and technological prowess".

"On National Technology Day, we salute the hard work and tenacity of our scientists and those passionate about technology. We remember with pride the 1998 Pokhran Tests, which demonstrated India's scientific and technological prowess," PM Modi tweeted.

In another tweet, the Prime Minister also appreciates scientists who have worked industriously to fight COVID-19. National Technology Day 2021 Wishes & Greetings: Netizens Share Messages, Quotes & Pics Commending India’s Technological Advancements.

"In any challenging situation, our scientists and innovators have always risen to the occasion and worked to mitigate the challenge. Over the last year, they have worked industriously to fight COVID-19. I appreciate their spirit and remarkable zeal," he said.

India conducted Pokhran-II tests, a series of five nuclear explosions, in May 1998 at the Pokhran Test Range in Rajasthan. National Technology Day is observed every year on May 11 as a reminder of the anniversary of the Pokhran-II tests.

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