Thimphu [Bhutan], August 10 (ANI): A youth-run farm located in Trashigang's Kanglung district has become a successful venture in Bhutan by growing pineapples, reported Bhutan Live.

The Marpheng Organic Farm is run by Kanglung native Kinga Wangchuk, age 26. For most young people, commercial farming is not their first job choice. However, individuals who desire to start farming could find inspiration from the Marpheng Organic Farm, which raises pineapples.

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The youth organisation was given the Land Use Certificate for a farm with a larger than 18-acre plot of land through the King's People's Project. It is carried out by the Trashigang district administration and the Agriculture Research and Development Centre, or ARDC, in Wengkhar, Bhutan Live reported.

Ten acres were planted with pineapples, and four of those acres produced fruit last year. The remaining six are anticipated to produce fruit the following year. By the end of this month, the farm anticipates harvesting more than 3,000 kilogrammes of the fruit.

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The group originally consisted of five people, but Kinga is currently the only one who is still employed on the farm. Three others departed for private reasons, but one of them passed away in the previous year. Kinga has made nearly Nu 1.1 M from selling pineapple fruit and seedlings while using paid workers when he required assistance. He anticipates earning Nu 0.5 M this year, according to Bhutan Live.

Pineapples bear fruit twice a year, in January and August.

The farm has to pay half a million ngultrum annually towards a total loan of Nu 3.5 M. Kinga now has only Nu 2.7 M left to pay back. He is confident that the farm will do well, Bhutan Live reported.

Kinga intends to plant pineapples on the remaining field where he has been producing winter chilli and other vegetables because they have proven to be considerably more profitable. One of the People's Project projects, the Marpheng Organic Farm opened its doors in 2019 so that motivated youth might work on vacant land suitable for commercial farming. (ANI)

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