The year 2020 has been a struggle for all in terms of financial security, emotional wellness, and physical health. In such times, everyone is in search of a surge of motivation and positive inspiration even while being at home. It has become really important for people to ensure that their homes are a safe and happy place since everyone spends so much of their time within the confines of their homes. One way to do this is to revamp the home décor, and Mike Pashayan’s, Elitist, is quickly becoming the popular choice for the same.

As a brand, Elitist brings forth a wide range of products that spark motivation. They offer a range of canvas art, neon wall signs, and customizable pieces to their customers in a variety of themes to choose from. Their wall art is known to increase the home’s happiness quotient when added as a piece of décor to the surroundings. Founder and CEO Mike Pashayan says, “Our mission with the brand is to ignite inspiration through high-quality, aesthetic and durable art.”

Elitist has also collaborated with well-known influencers like LianeV and admired TV shows like Rick and Morty for limited-edition collection pieces on their website. All their pieces come with a 1-year warranty, easy installation guides, and remote-controlled operations. They are also energy-efficient to operate since the neon light signs are made of silicone, acrylic, and LEDs rather than traditional gas signs or fragile glass. This makes them eco-friendly, kid and pet-safe, and ensures they last 10+ years without yellowing or breaking.

These are customizable in terms of the color, size, font, and silhouette, and can be made waterproof for outdoor use as well. It is clear through hundreds of thousands of reviews, positive feedback, and comments on their social media pages that Elitist has gathered a large and loyal customer base who are looking to find affordable yet beautiful pieces of art for their living spaces.

With 24/7 communication channels available to answer queries, more than 5 different acceptable modes of payment, and a 60-day money-back guarantee, Elitist is quickly rising to be one of the most sought-after brands for latest-technology art pieces in homes globally. Pashayan concludes, “We take positive and negative feedback very seriously, and our motive is to always keep customer satisfaction at the top.”