Drake Gets Slammed by Fans After an Old Video of the Rapper Kissing and Fondling an Underage Girl at a Concert Goes Viral (Video)
Rapper Drake (Photo credits: Instagram)

Internationally acclaimed rapper Drake can be in serious trouble after this old video went viral on social media. A video from his music concert in 2010, shows him touching and kissing an underage girl (17 yrs) right in front of thousands of crowd. During the incident, the In My Feelings fame performer was 23 and he called upon the stage and touched the girl inappropriately despite knowing he might get into 'trouble'. Drake Reveals He Has Watched Mubarakan 3 Times!.

In the video, he says things like, "I get in trouble for s--t like this" "I can't go to jail yet, man," "I can't go to jail yet, man" and "Seventeen? How do you look like that? You thick. Look at all this." He is seen hugging and kissing her in the middle of the crowd. He also said, "I had fun. I don't know whether I should feel guilty or not, but I had fun. I like the way your breasts feel against my chest. I just want to thank you."

Watch Drake's Viral Video Here

As soon as the video surfaced and went viral, the Hotline Bling singer received flak on the social media. The fans were disappointed with him for indulging into such an act and has left many of his fans heartbroken, fuming. There has been no statement from Drake's side on the issue yet.

On the other hand, Drake was grabbed the headlines, for 'following' and again 'unfollowing' Kim Kardashian on Instagram. Kim's husband, Kanye West slammed him saying, "Who's bright idea was it to tell Drake to follow my wife on Instagram? I don't have beef with no one. Love everyone but don't follow my f*cking wife on Instagram. Ima focus on my family And you keep my family out of all of this wrestling foolishness." Well, looks like 2019 is a troublesome year for the singer.