Women Coming to Sabarimala Should be Ripped in Half, Says Malayalam Actor Kollam Thulasi
Kollam Thulasi (Photo credits: File Image)

Malayalam actor Kollam Thulasi has kicked a hornet's nest with his latest statement on the Sabarimala verdict. The actor was talking at the protest procession organised in Kollam, Kerala against the Supreme Court's stand that women of all ages being allowed to enter Sabarimala, breaking the decades-long tradition. Many staunch Hindus in Kerala are against the verdict, as they feel that the apex court is meddling with their traditions. They are also blaming Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan of not backing them in their demands. Kerala High Court Dismisses Plea to Allow Muslim Women in Mosques On Lines of Sabarimala Verdict.

Kollam Thulasi was one such protester, however, his statement on the verdict will bring huge embarrassment for the protests. Using an analogy of how Lord Krishna killed Jarasandha, ANI quotes him saying, "Women coming to Sabarimala temple should be ripped in half. One half should be sent to Delhi and the other half should be thrown to Chief Minister's office in Thiruvananthapuram." With one statement, he has insulted the female gender, the apex court and the CM of the state. With the #MeToo movement going strong in India, this statement was totally uncalled for! Sabarimala Temple Row: No New Toilet Facilities For Women Pilgrims, Says Devaswom Board.

Kollam Thulasi, who has acted in films like Pathram, Lelam and The King and is known for his negative characters, has not been the only man to use harsh terms when talking about the Sabarimala verdict. Earlier, Pandalam royal family members in a protest organised in Thiruvananthapuram gave a speech in which they said, "Our rituals can't be broken with SC's verdict. We saw a month back what can happen if we provoke Ayyappan." They were referring to the Kerala floods that happened a month back.