PolkaCipher, a cross-chain privacy-preserving oracle network on the Polkadot ecosystem has finally announced details about its upcoming much anticipated Initial DEX Offerings. 

The IDO aims to help the PolkaCipher achieve its goal of expanding applications of DeFi and NFTs and their use in business settings and increasing the reach of Web3 applications in the blockchain economy through seamless integration.

PolkaCipher IDO Set for July 20

PolkaCipher has noticed that the $CPHR token IDO is set to take place on TrustPad on July 20, 2021. However, PolkaCipher announced the dates may be pushed based on the prevailing market conditions. 9 million $CPHR tokens will be made available for this public sale on TrustPad at $0.017. The 9 million $CPHR tokens make up just 0.90% of the whole supply.

PolkaCiphers goal is to raise $153,000 from this upcoming public sale bringing it to an initial market cap of $450,783. The IDO is projected to herald an important milestone to the PolkaCipher’s ecosystem since users now have an opportunity to purchase $CPHR tokens from PolkaCipher for the first time. The $CPHR token will make its debut on July 20th through an IDO on the well known  TrustPad platform. 

PolkaCipher project has received impressive support and lots of excitement from the crypto community. During the Initial DEX offering, enthusiasts of PolkaCipher will acquire $CPHR tokens that they can use to take part in protocol governance referendums, liquidity mining, VIP membership, and use tokens as collateral for lending.

PolkaCipher Launches IDO Whitelist Campaign

PolkaCipher has launched a whitelist event for community members who want to participate in the $CPHR IDO. Prospects are required to register on their whitelist form and complete the listed tasks. Participants that have not fully completed all the required steps will be disqualified and this includes all duplicate entries. 

The Whitelist events and the lottery draw dates for selecting the winners will be provided at a later date. All whitelist tasks must be completed for participants to be eligible for the whitelist lottery. PolkaCipher notifies all lucky winners of their whitelist lottery via email.

PolkaCipher cautions prospective participants to only follow the instructions provided by their team through the official Website,  Twitter, and TG Announcement Channel. To purchase tokens during the upcoming Initial DEX Offerings, buyers are also requested to follow the official Polkacipher and the TrustPad websites.

It should be noted that the Polkacipher public sale is on a first-come and first-served basis and all eligible participants are required to show up on time and process their transactions quickly for them to secure a slot. 

About TrustPad

TrustPad was established to help the growth of the blockchain ecosystem in a sustainable and safe manner. TrustPad is proudly affiliated with Twin Apex Capital, Lupa X, BlockSync Ventures, tokenova, 4SV and X21 Digital.

TrustPad is one of the most unique launchpads today. This is because their team focuses on quality rather than quantity approach to ensure that they only launch projects that have real and long-term value. This gives the TrustPad community sustainable development that attracts a larger community of $TPAD and all projects sprung on their platform. 

 About PolkaCipher

PolkaCipher is a privacy-preserving oracle network that is based on the Polkadot ecosystem. PolkaCipher’s main aim is to enhance the applications of DeFi and NFTs and their use in business settings. 

Polkacipher provides users with more control over how they can share data since privacy parameters can be set to suit the specific requirements of anything that is uploaded. This means that users can set expiration dates for the length of time users can access data or when the data should become open source. The platform can also define the number of times they can access the data.