BJP Defeats Congress in Haveri, Byadgi Constituencies; Check Other Winning Candidates of Haveri District
Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018: Find results of the Haveri district here.

Haveri, May 15: The results of Haveri district along with other regions of Karnataka assembly constituencies announced on Tuesday under strict vigil.  The district comprises six assembly seats named  ByadgiHangalHaveriHirekerurRanebennur, and Shiggaon. Stay tuned with LatestLY below for the live updates and results from the six seats in Haveri district

Earlier in 2013 polls, the Congress party controlled Byadgi, Hangal, Haveri, Ranebennur assembly seats The Hirekerur assembly seat was under the Karnataka Janata Party (KJP)- sister party of BJP and only on 'Shiggaon' assembly seat the BJP marked its victory. However, the bastion of congress suffered major loss in this elections. The Constituencies named Byandgi, Haveri are now won by BJP candidates, giving a major defeat to the ruling congress party legislators over here.

Catch the live results from Haveri district below.

Karnataka Assembly Election Results 2018: 

Byadgi constituency election results LIVE:

Hangal constituency election results LIVE:

Haveri constituency elections results LIVE:

Hirekerur constituency elections results LIVE:

Ranibennur constituency elections results LIVE:

Shiggaon  constituency elections results LIVE:

Key facts to know about Haveri district: The district is one of the potential tourist hubs of Karnataka state, situated at the centre of the state. Haveri is also the administrative and political headquarters of the district, whereas Ranebennur in the south is a business hub. It is also famous for its cattle markets, oil mills and cotton markets. According to the 2011 census Haveri district has a population of 1,598,506, roughly equal to the US state of Idaho. This gives it a ranking of 312th in India (out of a total of 640). The district comprises a population density of 331 inhabitants per square kilometre (860/sq mi).