14-Year-Old Bengaluru School Boy Commits Suicide As He Was Not Elected the Class Leader
Suicide (Photo Credits: Max Pixel)

In a shocking incident, a 14-year-old boy committed suicide as he was not elected as the class leader. The Class 9 student from Ideal Home Township, Rajarajeshwarinagar in southwest Bengaluru took his life on Tuesday night. R Dhruvraj student of Baldwin Co-Education Extension High School, RR Nagar was confident that he would be selected the class leader, but things did not go as planned for him. The school said that the reason would be personal and not the election.

The school had held an election for students of Class 8, 9 and 10 in four sections on Tuesday. While Dhruvraj thought he would be elected as the class representative, he was not.

According to The Times of India, the boy's mother Divya told the police, "The election was a month ago. There were four contenders in the fray, and my son was confident of a victory. But a classmate was chosen. My son was not happy as he thought he had all the qualities of a leader and there was no reason to reject him."

She also said, "On June 10, the class leaders were given tasks. My son, after attending the programme, became more depressed. He did not go out to play in the evening and I thought he did recover in a day or two."

Dhruvraj locked himself at 10:30 pm without having dinner. She said, "After I finished dinner, I knocked on his door. I became anxious when there was no response for a while. A neighbour came, and we forcibly opened the door to find my son hanging from the ceiling."

Although he was rushed to the hospital, Dhruvraj had died. A relative told the police that the boy had seen his father hanging dead when he was in UKG.  A family member said his father businessman, Rajesh Kumar had committed suicide when Dhruvrah was young. The report quoted the relative as saying, "Dhruvrah had seen his father's body hanging. We are not sure why Rajesh took the extreme step."