Deoria Shelter Home Horror: 10-Year-Old Rescued Survivor Says 'Inmates Were Given Sweets Before Being Taken Away To Spain'
UP Police Arrests Managers of Deoria's Shelter Home (Photo Credits: Twitter @ANI)

“They were given food and sweets before they were taken away,” said the girl who helped the state police uncover an alleged sex racket was running rampant at a shelter home in Deoria, in Uttar Pradesh. The girl also claimed that the children who were taken away by the authorities were sent abroad to Spain.

The girl who happens to be one of the 24 inmates rescued from a shelter home in Deoria shared horrific details; the children had to face there. She said, “Four people came and took a 5-year-old boy in December, last year, and the 8-year-old twin sisters in March, earlier this year.”

She also claimed that there were two women amongst the four visitors. After food and sweets being distributed, the inmates in the shelter home were informed that they were taken to Spain.

Sharing the horrendous experiences at the shelter home the 10-year-old girl told the police that the inmates were taken out every night and returned during the morning hours, and while they returned, they used to cry. She also said that there were white, black, and red cars which came and took away the other inmates.

The brave girl scaled the walls of the shelter home, and it was because of her heroic escape from the shelter home that helped Uttar Pradesh Police uncover the sex racket.

An official said that the shelter home was functioning illegally for more than a year with the help of certain district officials. After the raid that took place at the shelter home in Deoria, its owner Girija Tripathi, her husband Mohan Tripathi, and her daughter were arrested by the police.