Fuel Price Hike: Baba Ramdev Says If Government Allows, He Can Give Petrol & Diesel to India at Rs. 35-40 per Litre
Baba Ramdev |File Image | (Photo Credits: PTI)

New Delhi, Sep 16: Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev on Sunday warned the Central government saying that if the hike in fuel prices is not controlled, it is going to cost the government dearly. While speaking at NDTV's youth conclave, Ramdev said if the government gives him a chance and relief in tax, he would sell petrol and diesel for half the price it is available now.

The yoga guru said if the Modi government allows him, he will give petrol and diesel across India at Rs. 35-40 per litre. "If the government lets me, and gives some relief in tax, I can give petrol diesel to India at Rs. 35-40 per litre. Fuel needs to brought under GST and not the 28 per cent rate", Ramdev said during a conversation at the conclave on Sunday.

Ramdev, who had supported the BJP's national election campaign in 2015, said he would not campaign for the BJP in next year's general elections.  Lauding the initiatives taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Ramdev said people who criticise Modi, it is their fundamental right but all the good work that the Prime Minister has done has to be kept in mind.

Fuel prices have witnessed new highs since mid-August. In the last week, petrol price touched Rs 81.63 per litre in New Delhi and Rs 89.01 per litre in Mumbai. Diesel prices rose to Rs 73.54 per litre in Delhi and Rs 78.07 per litre in Mumbai.  BJP President on Sunday blaming the international developments for the rising petrol and diesel prices and dipping rupee value and assured that the Centre will soon come out with a solution for the surge in fuel prices.

Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Saturday virtually ruled out any immediate cut in fuel prices and said the government would stick to its capital expenditure targets for achieving a higher trajectory of growth while maintaining the budgeted 3.3 per cent fiscal deficit target in the current year.