Medical Apathy in Madhya Pradesh: No Stretcher at Government Hospital, Women Carried in Arms by Family Members
Medical Apathy in Madhya Pradesh: No stretcher at government hospital, Women carried in arms by family members (Photo Credits: ANI)

Bhopal, January 11: In another shocking incident of medical apathy, several women were carried in arms by their family members at a government hospital in Madhya Pradesh. According to reports, there was no stretcher available at a hospital to carry the patients who were operated. According to a tweet by ANI, the family members carried the women in their arms after their operation for sterilisation in Hatta's government hospital.

The family members of the patients alleged that there's no stretcher in the hospital and being helpless, they had to carry the women.  As soon as the incident was reported, Block medical officer said that there are stretchers but husbands don't allow staff to touch their wives. Medical Apathy in Karnataka: Doctors Refuse to Treat Bike Accident Victim With Severe Injuries & Vomiting Blood in Davanagere (Watch Video).

Take a look at the tweet:

On Thursday, a similar incident was reported from Uttar Pradesh where a  woman gave birth to a child on the floor after failing to find a doctor. According to  ANI, the incident took place in Gonda after her family couldn't find a doctor in the community health centre.

Earlier in June 2018, a 60-yr-old man from Haryana, who was declared dead by doctors was later found alive while being taken for last rites in an ambulance. According to reports, the family members of the man accused the doctors of negligence in performing their duty.