Bengaluru, March 24: Karnataka Congress leaders were detained and later released on Friday after they attempted to lay siege to the Raj Bhavan demanding dismissal of the ruling BJP government for "failing" to bring the new legislation increasing reservation to the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in the ninth schedule of the Constitution.

State Congress President D. K. Shivakumar, opposition leaders along with hundreds of workers and leaders were detained by the police. Later, the police took a delegation of 15 leaders to Governor Thawar Chand Gehlot's residence which demanded that the ruling BJP government should be dissolved for "betraying" SC/ST communities. Karnataka Assembly Elections 2023: Congress Finalises Around 100 Candidates for Upcoming Polls in CEC Meeting, Some MLAs To Be Dropped.

Karnataka police detained Congress Leaders and Workers:

Shivakumar said: "We formed the Justice Nagamohan Das Committee and on its recommendations, the legal process had to be completed for its implementation to provide justice to oppressed classes. After passing it in the cabinet, both the houses of state legislature and sending the ordinance to the Governor, the same should have been sent to the central government but it was done late Thursday night before the proposed protest of the Congress on Friday," Shivakumar claimed.

"The ruling BJP government in the state had not sent any proposal in this regard to the Central government. We had checked in the parliament and found that in the last four to five months, no proposal was sent. We met the governor and informed him that the ruling BJP is lying over the issue. The state government did not let us carry out a protest and detained us," he stated.

"After the Congress party announced its protest on Thursday night, the government immediately sent a note that a letter from the Chief Secretary in this regard has been sent to the Centre. This shows the ruling BJP has no concern for oppressed and exploited classes. They should have shown their commitment by taking immediate action," Shivakumar said. Karnataka Assembly Elections 2023: Congress May Field Siddaramaiah’s Blue Eyed Boy Vinay Kulkarni Against CM Basavaraj Bommai in Shiggaon Constituency.

In a series of tweets, Randeep Singh Surjewala, Karnataka Congress in-charge, posted: "The Bommai government didn't implement Justice Nagmohan Das Committee's recommendations for nearly four years until party leader Rahul Gandhi and Congress demanded answers in Bharat Jodo Yatra.

"They kept mum on SC-ST reservation. Finally, an Act was passed on December 26, 2022 in the last Assembly Session. On January 8, the INC, under Kharge, held a SC-ST rally to demand law to be placed in ninth Schedule of the Constitution."

Surjewala posted: "On 14th March, 2023; Modi Govt refused to increase SC-ST Reservation in Karnataka or increase the 50 per cent limit in a reply to Parliament. Modi Govt disclosed that Bommai Govt didn't submit the Law to Government Of India."

"On 21st March, 2023, Congress called out the betrayal and fakery of Bommai- Modi govts in denying rights of SC-ST. Congress called for a Raj Bhawan Dharna today on 24th March, 2023.

"A dishonest Bommai Govt has, after 3 months of passing of Law, hurriedly sent the Law to Modi Govt on evening of 23rd March (24 hours before Congress Dharna) as a paper formality. The Modi Govt has already rejected it."

Posing questions to the Bommai and Modi government, Surjewala tweeted: "Once the increase of SC-ST Reservation was rejected by the Modi Govt on the floor of Parliament, will PM-CM take responsibility for the treachery. Isn't the rank dishonesty of the Modi-Bommai govt clear in first burying the Nagamohan Das Committee and then passing a Law after 4 years in the last Assembly Session without putting it in IXth Schedule?"

"Aren't the half baked, dishonest actions of BJP-Bommai Govt only "cover up" attempts whenever Karnataka Congress protests on betrayal of SC-ST rights," his tweet read.

"Having denied an increase in reservation for SC-ST's on the Floor of Parliament, Should CM and 4 Union Ministers not resign for this act of betrayal? Will the PM apologize and take responsibility" Surjewala asked. However, Chief Minister Basavraj Bommai claimed that the Congress had done nothing about the issue when they were in power.

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