Bengaluru, May 19: BY Vijayendra, the son of Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa, visited Srikanteshwara temple in Nanjangud in Mysuru district on Tuesday, despite restrictions on inter-district travel and visiting places of worship in the state. According to reports, BY Vijayendra visited Srikanteshwara temple along with his wife. He arrived from Bengaluru on Monday. Karnataka Govt Announces Rs 1,250 Crore COVID-19 Relief Package for Those Hit by Lockdown.

"He (Vijayendra) was inside the temple for about 30 minutes and left after performing rituals," a priest was quoted by TOI as saying. The priest added that they cannot "stop influential persons from visiting the temple because the decision is taken by district authorities". Notably, lockdown-type restrictions have been imposed in Karnataka to curb the spread of coronavirus. JD(S) MLA Defies Coronavirus Lockdown, Helps Grandson Drive Toy Car on Deserted Road - Watch Video.

Places of worship have been ordered to shut for the public and private vehicles are not allowed to ply on the roads except in cases of medical emergency or to visit hospitals or healthcare centres for vaccination. The Congress sought to know why Vijayendra was allowed to visit the temple when places of worship are shut for devotees.

"Everybody is equal in the eyes of law. There can’t be different set of rules for different people. When the Government has closed temples, how can he violate the law and enter the temples just because he is the Chief Minister’s son?" Congress leader R Dhruvanarayan said. On May 7, Karnataka had extended the strict lockdown across the state till May 24 starting May 10.

The restrictions in the name of "Corona Curfew" were first announced by CM Yediyurappa on April 26 in an attempt to check the alarming spread of the virus in the state. "I will not tolerate anyone trying to break the rules this time," the Chief Minister had said while extending the restrictions.

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