Has BJP’s Past Game Plan in Manipur and Goa Become a Hurdle in Karnataka Now?
Congress, BJP | File Image | (Photo Credit: PTI)

Mumbai, May 16: Although BJP did not emerge as the party with the single largest majority in Goa and Manipur, it managed to rule the smaller regions by going in for a coalition. But now it seems that BJP’s governance strategy which worked in Goa and Manipur may not do the trick in one of India’s largest states Karnataka.

Everyone knows when Congress objected against BJP's move in Goa and Manipur, saying they had more number of candidates, the BJP leaders defended by saying that the governor is not bound to call the single largest party. The same stance was put before the court, adding that the governor's decision cannot be questioned. It went ahead and referred to article 361 of the Indian constitution, which does not allow the court to interfere with the decisions made in the exercise of the Governor’s powers. Now taking inspiration from these past situations, Congress seems to be following in the footprints of its rival party in Karnataka. After learning a lesson from Goa and  Manipur, Congress in coalition with Janata Dal Secular JD(S) staked to claim the formation of the government in Karnataka.

When Congress realised that it wouldn't become the single largest party after counting of voting began on Tuesday, the party immediately extended its full support to JD(S) who gained merely 42 seats but has proved to be a kingmaker. With JD(S)'s support Congress can achieve the golden score of 112, required to form a government in the state. To keep the alliance announcement intact till it proves the same in first assembly session, it also announced that JD(S) will take a decision on CM's appointment

Meanwhile, after alliance declaration, Congress leaders also went to the governor's residence Raj Bhavan yesterday to stake their claim, but could not meet him as the counting of votes was still going on. Attacking the Congress over the move, BJP ridiculed the drama and remarked that on moral grounds Congress should not stake for power in the state and that it should respect people's mandate. BJP further alleged that people have voted for Congress free (mukt) Karnataka.

Though Congress played their cards by declaring an alliance with JD(S), BJP is yet to disclose what tactics they will adopt.  What will the Modi-Shah duo unleash as BJP's secret bhramashtra or the plan- B to reach the golden score 112 is being speculated in the political sphere with different possible opinions. Meanwhile, it is also believed that governor Vajubhai Vala, BJP veteran and a close aide of PM Narendra Modi, would be giving some time to them to prove their majority.

In the meantime, there are higher chances that BJP will poach the MLA's of Congress along with JDS. News reports revealed that around 12 MLAs of JDS and few from Congress are unhappy with the alliance and likely to support BJP and also vice-versa. Besides, there are reports of BJP and Congress leaders booking rooms in resorts to conduct the secret meetings. Therefore, for few more days, a high voltage drama will continue in Karnataka.