Happy World Lion Day 2022! Every year on August 10, World Lion Day is celebrated to raise awareness about the declining population of the ‘King of The Jungle.’ The international day was founded by Big Cat Rescue, the world’s largest accredited sanctuary dedicated to big cats. As we observe this wonderful and highly significant day, here are a handful of images and quotes to share with family and friends. You will find a list of World Lion Day 2022 images, Happy Lion Day 2022 greetings, World Lion Day HD wallpapers, wildlife conservation quotes, WhatsApp messages, ferocious roaring Lion DPs and a lot more. World Lion Day 2022: Five Endangered Species of Lions That Need Saving Before They Go Extinct.

Lions are majestic creatures who live on their terms. They are wildly strong and command respect from everyone. No wonder, they are dubbed as the ruler of the wildlife. Here's a bunch of quotes that reflect a lion's personality in words.

  1. “A lion doesn't concern itself with the opinion of sheep.” ― George R.R. Martin
  2. “The lion never fears to walk alone.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita
  3. “It’s not in the nature of the lamb to mourn the lion.” ― Peter Watts
  4. “Out there in the wild, the lion is a VIP, and the rest are his entourage.” ― Michael Bassey Johnson
  5. “Lions will never debate with hyenas.” ― M.Rehan Behleem

World Lion Day Images and HD Wallpapers

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Wildlife Conservation Quotes

While they are the kings, even these mighty animals need to be protected. They have to be saved from the greed and cruelty frequently depicted by humans. They are hunted for fun and adventure, with many killing lions as a part of the sport. Lions are not meant to become trophies for these hunters. Let us look at some quotes related to wildlife conservation that should knock some sense into human beings hell-bent on wiping out the wildlife.

  1. “Humankind must learn to understand that the life of an animal is in no way less precious than our own.” ― Paul Oxton
  2. “Conservation is life..” ― Kedar Dhepe
  3. “Wildlife in the world can only be protected by the love of compassionate hearts in the world!” ― Mehmet Murat ildan
  4. “We destroyed their habitat. And now, we must rebuild it. We can".” ― Arjun Anand

Earlier, International Tiger Day was celebrated on July 29. These big cats need to be saved from getting extinct. We cannot be responsible for wiping out an entire wildlife species because of our irresponsible ways. We owe this to our future generations.

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