Happy World Rhino Day 2020! Observed every year on September 22 it is a day to celebrate these giant animals and raise awareness about their conservation. There are various World Rhino Day activities that are organised every year by zoos or other animal benefit organisations which aim to make efforts for their conservation. Donors and partners are able to contribute to the organizations and initiatives of their choosing. This day celebrates all five species of rhino - Black, white, greater one-horned, Sumatran and Javan rhinos. This day has been celebrated since the year 2010. On this day, we bring you some interesting facts about these giant animals that you'd may not have known. World’s Oldest Captive White Rhino, South African-Born Sana Dies at 55 in French Zoo.

Interesting Facts About Rhinos

    • A rhino's most interesting feature is their horn. And although it is their strong weapon, it is made up of the same material as our nails or hair! Rhino horn is made up of keratin - the same protein which forms the basis of our hair and nails.
    • Rhinos are called bulls (males) and cows (females). The young ones are called calves. A group of rhino is called a 'crash.'
    • Rhinos have a very poor eyesight. They rely on their sense of smell to understand if there is any potential danger.
    • The largest rhino species is the white rhino. It grows to 12 to 13 feet long and up to 6 feet from hoof to shoulder. It weighs around 2,300 kilograms. The smallest one is Sumatran rhino that weighs upto 800 kilograms.
    • Although all rhinos may look alike, they have differences in their snout which makes them eat different varieties of food.
    • Rhinos are not typically social with one another. These giants would rather get along with birds. It is said that birds also help out rhinos by alerting them about oncoming danger.
    • Rhinos also mark their territory and they do it with their poop! Location of the droppings marks territory for different groups of rhino.
    • Rhinos do have funny calls to communicate. Other than marking territory with poop they make trumpets and sneeze-like alarms to alert others. A happy noise of a rhino is "mmwonk."
    • All white rhino species are actually grey. The name gives a misconception about their appearance but they are grey in colour. Rare White Rhino Born in Belgian Zoo (Watch Pics and Video).

You can share some of these facts with kids or students around and they will surely pass it along to their friends. These facts are a way of starting conversations around the conservation efforts of these animals.

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