India’s First Skull Implant Conducted on a 4-Year-Old From Pune
Image used for representational purpose only. (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Pune, October 10: Doctors from Pune have successfully conducted a skull implant on a four-year-old girl in a pioneering surgery. According to a news report in The Times of India, a three-dimensional individualised polythene bone made according to the exact measurements of the patient was used for the surgery. The doctors have stated that it is the first successful skull implant in India.

The four-year-old was injured during a four-wheeler accident near Shirwal and had suffered extensive damage to her skull. She then underwent two critical surgeries immediately after the accident after which she was discharged.

When she was brought into the hospital, she was reported to have been bleeding profusely and had to be put on ventilator support. The CT scan showed that she was suffering from brain swelling and a fractured occipital bone. This led to the accumulation of fluid in the brain, according to Dr Jitendra Oswal who treated her initially. Part of Liver Removed Through a Laparoscopic Surgery, Claims to be India's First.

But her condition didn’t improve even after the initial surgery and a CT scan revealed that there was a malignant cerebral oedema, a life-threatening complication of a brain injury. “The impact of the trauma was so severe that it had pushed the entire brain off centre, which is known, medically as a midline shift of the brain,” said Dr Oswal to TOI.

To counter the oedema, the doctors had to remove some parts of the skull to ease the pressure in the skull. Dr Vishal Rokade, the neurosurgeon who handled the child’s case, said that the cranial bone is removed and stored separately, and reimplanted when the swelling subsides. But since the patient was a young girl, her cranial bones were very tender were completely destroyed. That’s when the doctors thought about going in for an artificial bone. Cyst Bigger Than the Size of Tennis Ball was Removed from Delhi Man’s Abdomen.

She was admitted and operated upon on May 18 this year, needless to say, the surgery was a success. According to the child’s mother, she has resumed school and has been playing with her friends like before. “She has become a happy and chirpy child, like before,” says her father.