Lorraine Kelly Bared Her Breasts on TV for Breast Cancer Awareness; Twitter Full of Mixed Reactions

ITV Lorraine recently left the audience in awe by demonstrating bare breasts on national Television for all the good reasons. She is earning praises and love from all around the world for having a volunteer model demonstrate her boobs on National Television for breast cancer awareness. The model's bare boobs helped in to demonstrate how to check your breasts thoroughly for tumours. Doctor Hillary Jones and Lorraine Kelly participated in breast examination featuring with a model, Mitchell. They were praised and received amazing feedback from the people. The description of the video said, 'To help both men and women during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Dr Hilary demonstrates this quick and easy breast examination with the help of volunteer Michelle, to pinpoint any changes in your breasts and the signs you should look out for.'

Dr Hillary explained to viewers that the examining of the breasts as a part of Lorraine’s You Know Breast campaign. He explained how it just takes two minutes to examine the breasts for signs and symptoms of tumours and cancer. He said, ‘Be aware of what your breasts are like normally and to know the early signs of breast cancer. Half of the women don’t know what they are.' He further said, '‘Look for any visible change in shape or size, skin changes – dimpling, puckering or rash around the nipple – any lumps or bumps and discharge from the nipple. ‘Early diagnosis is key. If we can catch cancers early we can make a proper diagnosis and do something about them and potentially save somebody’s life.’

Watch the video here-

This video raised left the audience in praises. Check out a few reactions.

However, some were offended by the nudity.

The internet seems to be divided, however, there are more people lauding the act. I definitely believe that the demonstration was very realistic. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments section below.