Three-Headed Baby Born in Uttar Pradesh: What is Encephalocele? Know Everything About This Condition
‘Three-headed’ Baby born in Uttar Pradesh (Photo Credits: YouTube)

Despite a normal pregnancy, a woman gave birth to a three-headed baby in Etah, Uttar Pradesh India. The unusual birth defect has left doctors shocked. According to reports, the rare birth defect is called encephalocele. The woman from Pilua, a village nearby Etah, gave birth to the baby girl with two large protrusions formed at the back of her skull. While the woman was building up for delivery, and was suffering from extreme pain she was taken to the health centre but was soon referred to the District Hospital in Etah where she underwent an MRI, giving doctors detailed images of the child. Two-Month-Old Baby Born with Two Faces in Indonesia! Conjoined Twin Failed to Develop a Body (View Pic.)

What is Encephalocele?

Encephalocele is kind of a birth defect in the neural tube, a sac-like protrusion of the brain and the membranes that cover it through openings in the skull. While these defects have various causes, it's mainly brought on by the failure of the neural tube to close completely during fetal development. Babies suffering from encephalocele have a 55 percent survival rate and the long-term prognosis for survival becomes less likely if there other associated complications.

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Neurologic problems, Hydrocephalus, Spastic quadriplegia, Microcephaly, Ataxia, Vision problems are some of the symptoms of Encephalocele. Encephalocele treatment mainly consists of surgery to remove the herniated sac. It then follows with the repair the opening in the skull, making it the only encephalocele treatment.