Kamran Alam, a rising star is slowly stepping towards the glamorous and successful world of Bollywood. In his journey from nobody to somebody, he finally achieved a milestone in his life. Now People can recognize him because of his voice and talent. He is slowly transforming into a better artist day after day.

Kamran is from a rural area in Chhapra, Bihar. He loved singing since his childhood and he used to be addicted towards singing, which made him more creative and popular among the people.

His first song "Zindagi" came in 2015 which was composed and performed by him and which further increased his fanbase from a few to crew. People found themselves relating to his lyrics and enjoying his melodious voice. This song has not only made him popular but also showed his writing and singing skills.

Kamran writes his own songs and perform them himself.

Situations weren't always in favour for him. Hurdles always came and stood in his way.Also, he had never knew where and how to start. But he never gave up and always coped up with tough situations.

In a very short period, Kamran Alam composed two more songs "Teri Yaadein" and "Pehli Dafaa" which were written , sang and composed by himself. Releasing "Pehli Dafaa" was a turning point in his career. He also performed at many stage shows and has a very good fan following on social media platforms. He has worked with a lot of bollywood celebrities and singers.

Now, kamran Alam is coming back with his new songs "Teri khata" We hope this song will gain a huge success and large fanbase like his previous songs. We wish him all the best for his new song.