E-commerce has changed the game and has without a doubt created a new crop of millionaires enjoying a life of financial freedom while at the same time making it easier for people to shop for their essential needs and wants. Eight-figure Amazon e-commerce seller Katie Melissa has taken it upon herself to establish a business around helping other e-commerce sellers achieve success in the space. Her company, Elite Automation helps clients make passive income and build profitable businesses without them lifting a finger.

Katie Melissa herself has a track record of coaching over 600 students across ten countries. Her coaching work covers notable e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, and Walmart. She also leads a team that helps investors open automated Amazon FBA stores and Walmart Stores. At Elite Automation, clients enjoy end-to-end management services. The team grows and scales clients with their own automated Amazon FBA or Walmart stores. The company builds profitable stores from scratch and scales existing stores.

Elite Automation operates as a one-stop-shop for clients looking to build passive income and everyone working with the company works with a vast level of experience that guarantees results. “We collectively have years of experience in e-commerce and have made eight figures in sales. Elite Automation is different from other providers and our high level of professionalism and transparency has set us apart,” Katie shared.

Elite Automation’s services are broken down into multiple levels ranging from onboarding, full-time management, and revenue generation. The onboarding process is where the company sets up the Amazon store and makes it fully automated while getting the client’s inventory set up within 30 to 60 days. The full-time management service that Elite Automation offers involves a dedicated team of Amazon selling experts who manage products, inventory, sales, customer service, and the store itself.

Katie Melissa has built Elite Automation in a way that clients’ Amazon FBA stores are likely to be valued at six to seven figures in market resale value within a few years. The company offers a solution that has liberated many entrepreneurs financially,  and Katie takes immense pride in what she has been able to build. Outside running her company and various online businesses, Katie Melissa is an avid traveler who enjoys boogie-boarding, traveling and playing guitar and piano. She regularly shares her travel experiences on her social media page while letting the world know that making passive income is not a myth.

Over the next few years, Katie Melissa sees Elite Automation signing up more clients across more countries and helping teach more entrepreneurs what they need to run successful online businesses. "Financial freedom and making passive income are two things that many people haven't figured out a way to achieve. I have worked hard over the years to make it happen for myself and my company has extended that luxury to many people. We have success stories already and I'm confident we can create more," Katie affirmed. "I changed the traditional course of my life and created my dream life. It's exciting for me and I know it can be for many others too," she added.