After the #10yearchallenge, TikTok Gets Nostalgic With the Viral #OyeOye Challenge That Is Making Indians Dance Their Hearts Out (Watch Videos)
Oye Oye challenge on TikTok is the new 10 year challenge. (Photo Credit: TikTok/ Deepak Chaudhary, adnaan shaikh, kajal)

2019 seems to be the year of nostalgic challenges. We just saw the #10yearschallenge going viral on Instagram and Twitter, and now India's favourite video making and sharing app TikTok is come up with the #OyeOye challenge that is making India dance its hearts out like a kid. A new TikTok tune is going viral and making all kinds of people make dancing videos right from rooftops to bedrooms. The challenge is all about bringing back the childhood excitement of visiting you Nani's place. This new challenge will take you down the memory lane when you used to be all excited to go to your grandmother aka Nani's place.  Remember? We have all been there and this new tune going viral on TikTok is making us kids again! The tune sings, Nani k yaha jaunga oye oye seemingly by a child is the cutest thing you'll hear. Take a look at these videos and get ready to groove with the longest smile. Makeup Tutorials: Bizarre TikTok Video of a POTATO Getting a Makeover Goes Viral on the Internet.

Isn't it nostalgic and hilarious at the same time?

Even your pets will be surprised to see you so excited

This is the cutest!!!

Can you even stop yourself after watching this?

Is it only me who wants to immediately head to Nani's place or all of us??? Decide after watching this video.

The thought itself of visiting Nani's place fills us with excitement and joy, isn't it? While there is no particular reason to cite all we can say that it is a feeling that is difficult to express. All the love aka laad dular from Nani cannot be forgotten even after you yourself become a Nani to someone else.