Australian Man Trying to Kill a Spider Prompts Police Response as He Shouts ‘Why Don’t You Die?’
Australia man's fear of spiders prompts police action. (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

People who afraid of spiders will totally relate to this man’s fear that prompted an emergency call for police. According to police in Western Australia, a passerby raised the alarm after hearing a screaming toddler and a man repeatedly shouting, ‘Why don’t you die?’ But after arriving at a home in suburban Perth, they found the man had merely been trying to kill a spider, as reported by BBC. The man later apologised for having an extreme fear of the arachnid. New Species of Jumping Spider in Kerala Named After Kargil War Hero Capt. Vikram Batra.

The Wanneroo police Twitter account posted a screenshot of the police log of the incident that took place on Wednesday morning. The log read: “Caller walked past the AA and heard a male screaming out ‘Why don’t you die’ – repeatedly. The toddler inside was screaming…caller doesn’t know them, but has been them a few times when walking”. The police confirmed that there were no injuries except to the spider.

Police spokesman Sameul Dinnison told the BBC, “It’s just one of those jobs where you go expecting to see one thing and see another. It’s great that it’s only an incident involving a spider.” It is not clear what species of spider was involved but Australia has some of the world’s most poisonous, such as the Redback and Funnel Web. However, there have been no deaths in Australia from spider bites since 1981 and most of the 2900 species in the country are harmless.