Chinese Street Cleaner Returns US$ 22000 She Found in Garbage; Refuses Reward for Sincerity
Sanitation worker (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

A street cleaner from China is reaping praises on social media for all the right reasons. Li Man found a bag stacked with wands of cash and did not hesitate to return it to the rightful owner. She found 50,000 yuan (US $ 22,000) in garbage tied in a plastic bag. She found the money while cleaning the road in a commercial district of Haikou, the capital of the island province of Hainan.

Li felt something heavy while cleaning only to find a bag of 100 yuan bills. A worried Li wanted to return the money and hence informed her manager about it. She then reached the police station and submitted the bag and narrated where she found it. As Mother Writes Exam, Telangana Cop Consoles Crying Baby Outside Centre.

On being investigated it was found that the bag belonged to a businessman named Zhu. The receipts found along with the money helped track the owner. Zhu who is the head of a local company said that it was a day's taking. He said that a cleaner had thrown it in the garbage by mistake. Being impressed by Li's sincerity Zhu offered her 20,000 yuan which amounts to her yearly salary.  But she refused to take the money saying it was her duty to return the money.

In an interview with Haikou TV, she said, "Although my conditions are a bit hard, it's important to have good morals. Returning the money was the right thing to do." The incident has kickstarted talks on how sanitation workers are underpaid. She won praised on social media and is being hailed as "the beautiful sanitation worker". In Haikou, the minimum wage of a sanitation worker is 1,430 yuan a month is one of the lowest in the country.