Cigarette-Smoking Cockroach at NYC Streets Is the New Internet Sensation! Gross Viral Video Sparks Meme-Fest Online
Representational Image (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

It appears that only city life can teach you some bad habits. And it is not only in humans, but also the insects. Do you not believe us? You may not have seen the video going viral on social media. It is the latest pest crawling at the streets of New York, ‘Cigarette Cockroach.’ Yes, a viral clip uploaded on the social media platform shows the insect dragging a cigarette across a sewer grate, struggling a bit, but seems determined to get its nicotine fix. It might seem gross to you, but the video is the talk of Twitter now and has sparked meme-fest online. Because, why not! Cockroach Challenge: People Are Putting Creepy Crawlies on Their Faces as Part of Bizarre Internet Trend. 

Crawling around the grates, here is the cigarette cockroach going for a leisurely smoke. The video was reportedly shot at the intersection of 53rd Street and Fifth Avenue. Tom Kretchmar tweeted the video with a caption, “Tired: pizza rat. Wired: cigarette cockroach.” The clip shows the insect carrying the cigarette, nearly double its size. This whole scene endeared to people online, scoring the cockroach, a universal recognition for the gritty move. Cockroaches Become Immune to Pesticides! Roach Haters Worst Nightmare Comes True as Bugs Develop Resistance to Chemicals. 

Watch the Viral Video of Cigarette Cockroach:

It Naturally Sparked Meme-Fest Online:

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The exact science here remains unexplained. But the video clearly interests a lot of people. Those who are wondering about the Pizza rat reference that the Twitter user Kretchmar stated. Well, the video was shared in 2015 that showed a rat dragging a large size of totally edible floor pizza through a New York City subway station.

Watch Pizza Rat Video:

These are our tiny stars that keep the internet captivated with their creepy-crawly activities. Some could be adorable, and others utter gross! And the videos somewhat explain how difficult it is to let go off our bad habits. Whatever, cigarette cockroach meant to you, social media found its new star.