Cockroach Challenge: People Are Putting Creepy Crawlies on Their Faces as Part of Bizarre Internet Trend (See Gross Pics)
Cockroach challenge (Photo Credits: Alex Aung, Last Queen Facebook)

Cockroach challenge is the latest one among bizarre challenges to grip the internet. While that sounds disgusting challenge people are actually attempting it and sharing pictures on social media. According to the challenge, people have to put live cockroaches on their faces and share selfies on social media. According to certain reports, the cockroach challenge was started by a Burmese teen named Alex Aung. He posted the picture with the insect and dared others to do it. And guess what? People actually posted pictures with cockroaches on their face. Guy Thinks Women Don't Get Periods at Night Because The Body Shuts Down, Woman's Tweet Goes Viral. 

While some posted pictures with one cockroach, other enthusiastic ones put three to four cockroaches on their face. One of them shared a photo with a live cockroach in their mouth. The initiator of the challenge shared the photo last month with the caption, "New challenge, can you do this?" The Facebook post has over 18,000 shares and more than 1,200 likes. Nose Hair Extensions Is the New Beauty Trend & Women Are Slaying the Look on Instagram. 

Here is the post:

The comments section of the post is now filled with people posting pictures with cockroaches on their faces and inside their mouths. Some even shared their experiences saying that the cockroach started crawling the moment they put it on their face. However, they didn't let it go and put it back until they had clicked the perfect selfie.