'Dead’ Mumbai Man Shocked to Find News of Own Death on Whatsapp, Family Flooded With Condolence Messages
Representational Image (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

WhatsApp is a great means of communication these days, in fact, the primary one. But a man Ravindra Dusange was horribly shocked when he and his family started receiving condolence messages and calls asking about his health. A 43-year-old resident from Mumbai got his own death news from WhatsApp. His family and friends also got grieving messages over his sudden death. What's worse is, he was on a vacation with his family when he got condolences calls. So his vacation was far from being enjoyed. WhatsApp Usage to be Time-Restricted by Modi Government? Charge of Rs 499 Per Month to be Levied? Here's a Fact Check.

Dusange was definitely shocked when he started receiving such messages. His friend then informed him that a message about his sudden death was being forwarded on WhatsApp along with his photograph. The photo was taken from his Facebook account. He then tried to ignore the messages but they did not stop until several days. He decided to take the matter to the police. Dusange's mother is ill and he was worried if the news reached her, she would be even more distressed. They got over 400 messages of condolence. He told TOI, "The past three days have been horrible. I’m tired of explaining to people that I'm alive and well. I've heard that the WhatsApp message about my death is still in circulation." Sonali Bendre Death Hoax Goes Viral on Twitter & WhatsApp! BJP MLA Ram Kadam Apologises For Sharing Fake News.

Dusange informed the police he might be aware of who must have spread such fake news. But police said that they cannot do much as the Section 66A of the IT Act which reported such matters, is not abolished by the Supreme Court. Now it is a case of defamation. The police have taken down a written complaint about the incident. Clearly, it is a lot more trauma for the entire family to go through.