Donald Trump Performs Malhari! US President Replaces Ranveer Singh in Bajirao Mastani Song in This Viral Meme (Watch Video)
Donald Trump replaces Ranveer Singh (Photo Credits: PTI, @mad_liberals Twitter, Facebook)

The world will never fall short of memes and this video is proof. In case you have been having a dull Monday, this 'pure work of art' has all the ability to save you from boredom. Somebody just helped the United States President Donald Trump dance to the song Malhari from Ranveer Singh's movie Bajirao Mastani. Yes, you read it right, and it is more hilarious than you are trying to picture it in your head. Trump manages to match Ranveer Singh's vigour and enthusiasm in the video and manages every step right!

And the new video meme of Donald Trump gone the Ranveer Singh way is going viral on social media. The meme grabbed many eyeballs after it was tweeted by a Twitter user named mad-liberals. The caption of the video reads, "Peshwa Warrior Trump #DonaldTrump #MAGA." The tweet currently has more than 11,600 likes and over 3,23,000 views. Thanks to Donald Trump & Stormy Daniels, Funny Memes & Jokes on Mario Kart, Toadstool and Mushroom Takes Over the Internet.

Watch the video here:

As the tweet went viral, social media users tweeted complementing the video editor's work for the one-minute long video. A comment reads, "I do quite a lot of video editing for my youtube videos, and I can see the effort that must have gone into making this, and syncing all the head movements. Brilliant effort." After watching his video, neither the song Malhari nor Trump will be the same for you ever again. We wonder what Ranveer Singh has to say about his replacement! Do let us know your views in the comments section below.