E = MC^2 NOT And Monkeys & Cows Can Talk to Humans? Viral Videos Show Nithyananda Sangha Defying Science And Albert Einstein Theory With Unbelievable 'Logic'
Nithyananda videos go viral (File Image)

Mumbai, September 18: Videos of rape accused controversial self-proclaimed godman Nithyananda Sangha are going viral over the Internet. What's common between all the videos? In each one of them, Nithyananda is seen dismissing science with some logic which may blow you away. He completely dismisses Albert Einstein's special relativity equation and uses it to differentiate between vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Biplab Deb at it Again: 'Rearing Ducks Will Raise Oxygen Levels in Water Bodies'; List of 'Absurd' Statements by Tripura CM

"E is equal to not mc square. Cannot be mc square. What is mc square? The difference between intensity and continuity. What is energy, what is matter? Matter is continuity. Energy is intensity. mc. What do you call as matter? Anything continue. What do you call as energy? Anything intense. The intensity and continuity is separate for a non-veg crooked brain which has seen only ups and downs. Only a vegetarian brain which can retain the experiences continuously without losing the intensity can understand that m and c is not mc. It is mmmmmmmmccccccccc," says Nithyananda in one of those videos. We're still trying to break that down and are trying to understand what that really meant. Biplab Deb's Views on Government Jobs, Diana Hayden, Milk Cows & Internet in Mahabharata Era Makes Him Internet's Favourite Controversy Child

Watch: Nithyananda speaking on Albert Einstein's relativity equation

In another video, he is seen claiming that he has made a software with which he can make monkeys, cows, buffaloes, lions, tigers and other animals talk exactly like human beings in Sanskrit and Tamil languages.

'I will make monkeys and cows talk in Sanskrit'

'No man ever walked on Moon'

That's not all. In yet another video, Nithyananda claims, "Man never went to the Moon. No man has ever walked on the Moon. It's all a story." In each of these videos, Nithyananda's words are followed by the sound of drums and applause by his followers.

The videos are being widely shared over the social media, with users wondering what the man is trying to say. Many are also using the videos as trolls and memes.