Has United States President Donald Trump tested positive for the novel coronavirus? A fake video clip went viral across social media platforms on Tuesday claiming that Trump has contracted the highly contagious virus. The rumour mongers maliciously edited a news clip of Fox News to spread the fake news. On fact-check, it was revealed that their claim is absolutely trash. Trump's Valet Tests COVID-19 Positive, US President Again Tests Negative, Confirms White House.

The 11-second video clip, shared on Twitter and WhatsApp, shows a Fox News anchor as saying that officials of the White House have confirmed that Trump tested positive for the coronavirus. On scrutinising the video, it was found that two different set of statements are merged to present the fake news.

Fake Video Circulated on Twitter

Before the video's flow breaks, the anchor could be heard as saying that "White House officials have confirmed the President Trump" -- and the second part of clip which is attached through video-editing features the anchor adding "has tested positive for coronavirus".

Clearly, two different set of statements by the anchor were merged by the rumour mongers to maliciously present the fake news of Trump being tested positive. To further debunk the fake news, it must be noted that no such statement was issued via the official press release of White House. No media outlet of the US has also reported the same.

Notably, the valet of President Trump had tested positive for the virus earlier this month, followed by a close aide of Vice President Mike Pence. The two cases were confirmed by the White House, but it was clarified that both the leaders had tested negative again in the COVID-19 tests conducted on them.

Fact check

Donald Trump Tested Positive For COVID-19? Fake Video Clip Showing Fox News Running The Report Goes Viral
Claim :

US President Donald Trump tests positive for coronavirus.

Conclusion :

Fake news. An edited clip has been maliciously circulated.

Full of Trash

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