The Coronavirus pandemic has spread its wings over several countries at the moment, and India is not indifferent. With close to 550 confirmed cases, the COVID 19 virus is a threat our nation has not faces for ages. Prime Minister Narendra Modi in order to combat the virus and break the transmission flow announced a 21-day lockdown of the country effective midnight of 24th March. Since the majority of the states were under curfew for the past three days, the result is not at all shocking for many. The social media accounts though have found humour as a quick escape for the tension that has built up. Being locked in the house for long has its funny side, and it is quickly doing the round on mainstream media.

Supplies and essential commodities will be available during this lockdown period as assured by the government. Panic buying will be a huge challenge for the authorities at the moment, and huge lines outside shops could be a common sight. Hence it is imperative public at large avoid it and help avoid the beating the purpose behind the lockdown. Private offices have already enforced work from home policies for some time now, and that will continue in the coming days. Those working for the essential services will have to report to work. Total Lockdown in India: What Remains Open and Shut For Next 21 Days? MHA Issues List of Essential Services Exempted.

In times such as these where people are so stressed, a good meme or a joke is priceless. We have come up a collection of memes on this 21-day lockdown that will tickle your funny bones. At the same time, we must adhere to the laws and guidelines laid out.

21 Din Mein Corona Half Ho Jayega

Worst Time For The Siblings

Main Marr Jayega

They Knew It

Buh Byeeee

Coronavirus Be Like

Earlier in his address to the nation, Modi announced nationwide three weeks lockdown starting from Tuesday midnight. All states and union territories will come under its purview. In addition to the 21-day lockdown, 15000 crores has been infused by the central government to bolster the healthcare services. The main fear of the government is that the COVID 19 virus at a brisk pace and the symptoms shown in individuals often takes time. The delayed the symptom, the more is the risk of transmission to large numbers. Hence the 21-day curfew will go a long way in stopping the spread.

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