The coronavirus lockdown has forced people to stay indoors. With humans locked inside, nature is undoubtedly getting the most deserved time to heal. Animals are coming out of their hidden dens, exploring the wild, empty streets, which is otherwise dominated by human beings. Now a video has surfaced on the internet that shows a crystal clean River Ganga, running at Rishikesh, a city in Uttarakhand. River Ganga has reached a remarkable level of purity because of the absence of industrial pollutants and no tourists’ visits at the ghats. The video shows clean water, flowing near the famous spot, Lakshman Jhula. You just cannot take off your eyes from the crystal serenity. Gangetic Dolphins Spotted From Ghats of Kolkata as Water Pollution Decreases During Lockdown. 

The Ganga and Yamuna rivers in India, were not considered fit to even take a dip. The rivers have always been a significant concern for the government and environmentalists, and they have adopted measures to bring back its purity. Seems like, it is finally achieved during the lockdown. The Uttarakhand Pollution Control Board reportedly took samples of water from the Ganga River in Haridwar and Rishikesh to ascertain if the nationwide lockdown had any impact on the quality of the river. According to media reports, the board said that for the first time since the formation of Uttarakhand, as a state in 2000, the water of the Ganges river has become clean and drinkable. Peacocks, Deer And Dolphins Spotted in Mumbai! Animals Seen Roaming Freely As Humans Remain in Lockdown (See Pictures & Videos). 

The latest viral video being shared online, shows how crystal clear it is. An Indian Forest Officer (IFS), Susanta Nanda, shared a short clip showing the clean Ganga River near Lakshman Jhula in Rishikesh. What a view!

Watch Video of Ganga River Flows Clear As Crystal!

It is mesmerising to see the clean water. The river is so clean; you can see the rocks on the surface of it. Videos like the above one show a positive impact during the lockdown. Meanwhile, the cases of COVID-19 are rapidly increasing, and citizens in India are asked to strictly obey the lockdown protocol and stay at home.

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