‘Ghetto Names’ Responsible for Women Losing Out on Job Opportunities in Missouri
Employee was rejected a job over ghetto name (Photo credits: Pixabay, mohamed_hassan and Facebook/Hermeisha Robinson)

Shakespeare's famous words, "What's in a name?" may be so commonly used but a lot lies in one's name. It may even cost you a job. Two women in Missouri were rejected for a job because of their name being too 'ghetto.' A woman name Hermeisha Robinson posted on her Facebook account the shocking reason of rejection given by Mantality Health in Chesterfield. The post has been going viral since then and the company CEO covered up saying their email was hacked.

Robinson wrote an elaborate post about the response received from the company. She had applied for the post of a customer service representative and the reply she got was hurtful. Ignoring her qualifications, the company email read, "Thank you for your interest in careers at Mantality Health. Unfortunately, we do not consider candidates that have suggestive ‘ghetto’ names. We wish the best in your career search." She put up a screenshot of the email and urged everyone to share the post to show the blatant discrimination carried out by the company.

Take a look at Hermeisha Robinson's post on Facebook regarding discrimination:

Another woman, Dornisha Zachery also received an email on similar lines. "The company looked at my name and said we don't care about what you've done in life. Your name is going is going to dismiss you completely," Zachery said. Soon after the post went viral, the CEO claimed that email was hacked and the case is now being investigated by the police.

Both the girls have unique names but the company called them 'ghetto' and rejected the offer to provide them employment. Not only these two, other women in Minnesota and Wisconsin also received the email.