FINALLY, after so much drama, James Charles has spoken out! And for the first time, it is not anything controversial at all. Our sista, in fact, has the most straight up answers to all the ‘cancel culture’ drama with Tati Westbrook, Shane Dawson, and Jeffree Star. Ever since Tati posted 'BREAKING MY SILENCE' video, everyone was expecting a reaction from James Charles who now steers clear of all the past accusations Tati had made, however, the  YouTube beauty guru hadn't said anything after that. Fans wanted to know if Charles accepted the apology Tati made to James for her infamous exposé on him

When James was asked about his response to the whole drama going on James said to the press, "Who knows? I’m just staying out of it, minding my own business, just moved into a beautiful new house, I have great friends around me." Right from Shane Dawson's YouTube channel getting demonetised to Tati making blasting revelations about how Star and Dawson "fed her poisonous lies" about James Charles, a lot of drama, accusations and controversy is taking place in the YouTube beauty world.

Last year, in May 2019, Westbrook released a 43-minute video accusing Charles of using his fame to "manipulate someone’s sexuality," referring to straight men. While Charles denied the claims coming from someone he considered like "his mother" this charge in a video of his own, the narrative stayed that Charles was promoting a competitor of Westbrook. However, now Tati Westbrook "broke her silence" and released a video claiming that Star and Dawson "fed her poisonous lies" about James Charles.

When asked about Shane Dawson, James said: "I don’t wanna talk about anything in relation to him," and also said that he hadn't spoken to Shane.  In other news James teased a collaboration with Doja Cat and opened up about his dream to film with Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande.  The 21-year-old recently took a week off from uploading due to ‘everything going on online.’ However, he’s since made his return with a TikTok sing-off video alongside Anthony Gargiulo and the Lopez Brothers.

Fans are thrilled to have him back – as well as being a little baffled by the choice of video following all the drama. One wrote: ‘TikTok Community: ChAsE HuDsOn drama, The Beauty Community: Up in flames again, James Charles: iF I bAcK iT uP, iS iT fAt EnOuGh (*whip sound*).’

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