‘Judgemental’ Woman Shames Other Women for Sharing Their Lipstick And Nail Polish Pictures Online! Twitterverse Gives It Back by Flooding the Internet With More Photos
Girl Applying Lipstick (Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons)

Twitter is in the mood of not taking any judgemental comments today! A woman who goes by the name @Nawaaban on Twitter, shared a piece of her mind about women who use social media to ask people about the shade of nail paint or lip colour to choose and its link to "low self worth". However, her comments were not taken too well by other Twitter users who criticised her for shaming other women. She blamed the women who shared flaunt their lipsticks and nail polish shade on social media via photos, asking for the best-suited shade of being an attention-seeker and having a low self-esteem. Nawaaban wrote on Twitter, "Women on twitter showing their lipstics and nail polish shades in photos and asking which shade suits them mor..Height of attention seeking and low of self worth...."

Check Tweet:

However, in no time the woman's tweet received all kinds of responses, most of which were calling her out for shaming other women and trivialising major issues such as real low self-esteem issues. Along with on-point responses, women also rubbed in her face, pictures of their lipsticks and asked her whether she likes the shade or not. Take a look at some of the responses received by the tweet:

That's One Hell Of a Comeback




Giving It Back And HOW!


Say Now?

Looks likes someone did not receive the kind response they were expecting. This kind of reminds us of the time earlier this year when Indian women flooded the internet with their pictures in red lipstick. This caused #RedLipstickTwitter trend online after beauty enthusiasts across the United States of America are gearing up to mark National Lipstick Day 2019, which falls on July 29.