Q. I have been in a physical relationship with my boyfriend since the past three months, and I do not feel good about my body during sex. I tend to get extremely self-conscious about what he thinks about my body. This had prevented me from enjoying the activity as much as I should. I start thinking about my body hair, and my love handles the moment he undresses my clothes. How can I prevent such thoughts and feel more confident during sex?

Ans. Enjoying sex is an inside job, and you have to do your work by itself.  Although it is easy to think that your self-consciousness is rooted in sex, it is not about sex at all.  It is about your self-esteem in general, which may be linked to your past experiences like trauma, abuse, or chronic negative thinking. So if you want to enjoy sex, you really need to work your way to boost your self-esteem. What to Do If Your Man Loses Erection In Between Foreplay? (Watch Video)

The best thing to do is to maintain a journal and repeat daily affirmations. You may also want to consult a therapist and take your heart out. Learn to retain your thought pattern so that you can work towards accepting yourself and embracing your imperfections. First Time Oral Sex! What Does Vagina Taste Like? Are Vaginal Fluids Healthy To Ingest?

If you still feel that you are getting too conscious while you cosy up with your partner in bed, an excellent idea is to look at yourself in the mirror while masturbating. You will eventually learn to love your body by looking at the colour, shape and texture of your vagina. Another way to embrace your body is to take naked selfies. The more you admire your body, the more positive self-image will you develop. Do Tall Guys Have Bigger Penis? Sex Positions For Men With Thin Genitals

Work on these self-esteem tips and let us know in comments about how they worked for you. We are sure you will come back with the hottest sex story to share.

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