Can you imagine having giraffe as pets? As much as some of you would love to have these animals as your pets, you cannot really do it, and it is better for them too. But a family in Karachi has gone ahead to have giraffes as their pets. A short clip of a giraffe looking over the compound wall of a bungalow has been shared on Twitter. It is unclear if it is a recent clip or an old one being shared again. As the clip went viral, people demanded strict actions against the family who have kept giraffe as their pet. Apparently, they have not one but two pet giraffes. People on social media asked the Sindh Wildlife to take the necessary action. The authorities have reached out to the family and requested the owners to shift the animal out of the residential area. Drunk Man Climbs Over Fence to Ride on Giraffe's Neck in Kazakhstan Zoo, Bizarre Video Goes Viral.

Video of a giraffe looking over the compound wall was shared on Twitter by user Norbert Almeida. Someone quoted the tweet and confirmed that it was in Arif Defence Medical Centre. The giraffes are being kept in a "small enclosed lawn by a really rich family" as per the tweet. The video went viral on social media and people asked the Sindh Wildlife to intervene into the matter. An old report from last year, which reported on the same has also been linked. There is indeed a pair of giraffes in this house and the family holds a "mini-zoo" permit. It mentions they would shift them on their farm. Netizens have questioned if it is legal in the first place to own a giraffe. Giraffes, Crocodiles and Tigers, Here’s How You Can Adopt Wild Animals, Donate and Help the Indian Zoos.

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This is Cruelty

Giraffe Belongs in Nature



Is This Allowed?

Please Rescue

As more and more people called for an action, forest conservator Javed Mahar tweeted about the next step of actions. Check his tweets:

Sindh Wildlife Visited Them

He added that they will send a fresh request and if the owners do not comply, the authorities will have to show 'force of law'. From the earlier report, the owners had agreed to move their giraffes into a bigger farm. If this video is recent, then they clearly haven't. Given that forest conservator has given an update, looks like there will be a stricter action now.

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